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Advent UK creates your Company in Isle of Man, for you wherever you are resident.

COUNTRY: Isle of Man.

Isle of Man Offshore Company – Law Tax Company - The term ’offshore’ is not used in Isle of Man legislation or in describing company forms. Non-residence is the key criterion for obtaining offshore tax treatment. The main forms useful for offshore operations in Isle of Man are the exempt company, the International Company, and non-resident company.


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Incoporation cost includes:

- Name check and approval

- Drafting of Memorandum and Articles of Association

- Filing with official register

- Payment of government fees

- One set of originals of all standard corporate documents with Apostille

- Provision of registered address

- Provision of company secretary

- Courier fees

- Rubber stamp


Recurring maintenance fees per year:

- Provision of registered office

- Provision of company secretary

- Payment of annual government license fee


Optional services:

- Provision of nominee shareholder

- Provision of nominee director

- Bank account opening in Isle of Man

- General Power of Attorney with Apostille

- Apostille of one document

- Company seal

- Good Standing Certificate with Apostille

Some legal explanations : click here

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